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//Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here we hope to keep you informed about the wonders of Peru and our personalized Incan tours. Our single-day and multi-day tours are designed to keep you both occupied and comfortable. We take care of you on your Peru vacation. From the time you arrive at the airport until the end of your trip, we’ve got you covered. Rely on us to make your hotel or hostel reservations, purchase your tickets to various attractions, and plan a trek on the Inka Trail if you so desire.

If you’ve never been to Machu Picchu, also known as the Lost City of the Incas, we will guide you through this renowned example of Inca engineering. You’ll be astounded by the 600 terraces that prevented the city from sliding down a mountain and a water supply system that extends more than half a mile. Machu Picchu is also considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Some of its amazing palaces and plazas include temples and homes built for numerous purposes in the 15th century.

The staff at Discover Inca Planet looks forward to personally showing you the Peruvian outdoors, history, culture, and more. As we cater to all kinds of travelers—from extreme sports’ enthusiasts to history professors—we are able to cater a personal tour that perfectly fits your needs.



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