Tour Peru

Uncover the majesty of Peru by joining one of our immersive Peru vacation packages. Tours range from easy to challenging depending on what you or you and your group want to experience. All of the tours will leave you feeling rewarded from the hike, history, and cultural connection with the people. Join us for your once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour Peru in comfort and enjoyment. Pick one of the tours below, see the details and book. The fun is waiting for you!

Many of our clients have chosen Machu Picchu travel and the Incan Trail for their famous ancient history and amazing architectural runs. Join us to discover world heritage sites and stunning, important archaeological places. The following are some of the most common reasons our clients have chosen take a tour of Peru with Discover Inca Planet:

Experiencing Ancient Ruins and Culture
Meeting the People of Peru
Enjoying the Peruvian Handicrafts
Seeing Firsthand the Natural Diversity of Peru
Indulging in Delicious Peruvian Cuisine
Enjoying the Beaches