Inka Jungle to Machu Picchu TOUR

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Experience this amazing trek that excellently combines hiking and sports such as mountain biking and rafting. This 4-day journey will take us from the ancient city of Cusco all the way to the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu. Along the way, you will pass distinct villages as well as archeological sites of the Incan people. We will start in a valley more than 4000m above sea level before descending 4 hours on a mountain bike in the midst of a tropical forest. We will pass beautiful mountains that offer splendid views. These wonderful days will be spent walking splendid views filled with mountains and tropical vegetation, passing by little picturesque villages where we will have the opportunity to harvest the local fruit like the coca. Around the end of the trip, we could get lucky and have a magnificent view over the Inca Trail used by the Inca in ancient times. At the very end, in the city of Aguas Calientes, we can enjoy the hot springs before leaving for Machu Picchu.

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4 days and 3 nights
High season: April – November
Altitude: 1850-4350m/6,069ft-14,272ft
Difficulty: Moderate

Day 1:
Cusco to Santa Maria
The tour begins with pickup at 6:30am at your hotel.  Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery as you are driven through Ollantaytambo and up the pass of Abra Malaga, which is situated at a height of 4,350 meters or 14,271ft above sea level.  Take a deep breath, strap on the protective gear provided and take in the majestic mountain before hitting the pavement on brand new mountain bikes.  Feel the wind whip your face as you cruise down winding mountain roads, past waterfalls, mountain villages and the occasional road dog.  Almost three hours and a 2,000-meter decent of white knuckled excitement brings you to the lunch stop in Santa Maria(1190m).  After our lunch, we are going to do rafting in the Urubamba river and for this activity we are going to need to put on our insect repellent since we’ll be entering the jungle climate.  After rafting, we’ll come back to Santa Maria town to have our delicious local dinner and stay the night in a nice family hostel and be ready for the next beautiful day.

Day 2:
Santa Maria to Santa Teresa (Trekking)
A 7am wake up finds you shrouded in the mist of the jungle and the scent of Peruvian coffee.  After a hearty breakfast, your day starts with a short but intense climb to start your section of an authentic Inka Trail.  As you wind up and down precipitous cliffs over a stunning valley, your guide will transport you to the time of the Incas, revealing some of what we do know from this ancient and amazing culture.  The trail descends to Quellomayo where the group will stop for lunch and have some time to relax in hammocks.  Keep an eye out for natural fruit, especially the taste explosion that is Maracuya (passion fruit).  After lunch, the trek continues along the surging Urubamba river, crossing it at one point in a cart and pulley (safe yet thrilling!).  Your day of trekking (around 15km) concludes with a visit to the immaculate Cocalmayo hot springs.  Sink into the warm water and let the aches of the trail melt away.  Dinner and our comfortable Eco Lodge (tree house) in Santa Teresa rounds out the day.

Day 3:
Santa Teresa to Agua Calientes (Trekking)
This day will be very exciting for the team.  In the morning, we will head to do some exhilarating ziplining across the Urubamba river. You have to be brave enough to lean back into the upside down monkey position or spread your wings and dive head first in the incredible superman position.  Because this part of the tour is optional and you can wait for the others to complete the activity, please let your guide know early if you’d like to enjoy this unique and adventurous experience full of adrenaline.  This cost is not included in the tour price but it is not significant.  Your guide will inform you of how many solses are needed.  After the awesome experience of zip lining, the group will reform at the hydroelectric station for lunch before continuing the trek.  Another three hours trekking along the train tracks and the raging river brings you to the tourist town of Aguas Calientes.  Travelers have the option to visit the local hot springs or relax and explore the town before dinner.  Make sure you make it an early night to be awake for the ascent to the jewel of the tour: Machu Picchu!

Day 4:
Machu Picchu / Huayna Picchu to Cusco
Your climb to Machu Picchu begins before the sun is up.  Ascend step by step for approximately an hour up the Inca staircase to the formerly lost stronghold of Machu Picchu.  A 2-hour guided tour reveals mysteries and poses questions of how the Incas lived and were able to achieve such marvelous feats of engineering.  After the tour, you have the option to climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain for an even more incredible view of the ruins and the surrounding sheer cliffs of the Andes.  Take your time exploring the wondrous ruins and get that perfect picture before making your descent back to Aguas Calientes.  Your return time to Cusco will depend on which train tickets and schedule we are going to buy.   Most trains leave to return to Ollantaytambo at 6:20pm which leaves you plenty of time to visit Machu Picchu.  Have some dinner in Ollantaytambo and then continue on by car with our driver to Cusco city.

Note:  If you have some more days in Cusco, ask for your city tour for free or a buffet dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Cusco.  All included for clients of Discover Inca Planet.

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