Cusco City Tour

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The Magnificent Cusco tour is half day yet thorough in its exposing you to the gorgeous city of Cusco. Witness the engineering and construction skills of the Incas as we explore the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, and see the site of Pucapucara which may have been an ancient lodging area. Visit the beautiful center of Cusco and see the attractions that reveal the architecture, religion, and policies from colonial times that still have influence today.

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Half day
High Season: April to November
Altitude: 3350m/10,990 ft
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

This is a nice half day trip that begins with us picking you up from your hotel at about 1:30pm in the afternoon. The group will first visit the beautiful center of Cusco. Don’t worry; we’ll be right there with you explaining not only the beauty of this city but also its amazing history. Right away, we’ll see the Cathedral, built in Baroque style with painting from the Cusquena school decorating its interior, and the temple of Qorincancha, known as the gold covered temple or temple of the sun. It is the temple of the thunderclap, the lightning, the rainbow, and the stars. We’ll also see the temple of Santo Domingo. These attractions reveal the architecture, religion, and policies of the colonial time that play their part in the modern-day culture.

Next, we will visit the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Situated on a mountain overlooking Cusco, this walled-complex, like many other constructs of the ancient Incas, is made of large polished dry-stone with each boulder carefully cut to fit tightly without mortar. This construction speaks to the precision of these ancient builders. Sacsayhuaman is a huge stunning site which holds the great house of the Sun where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic zigzag stone walls truly speak for themselves. As a side note, a great Peruvian restaurant by the name of Andina in the ritzy Pearl district of Portland, Oregon features a colorful spicy cocktail named Sacsayhuaman. Try it if you ever stop by! Tell them we sent you!

Following Sacsayhuaman, we will set course for Qenqo, the Labyrinth. As a place of celebrations, astronomical studies, and ceremonial carvings, this temple is dedicated to Mother Earth.

On to Pucapucara, where many feel this site may have served as a tambo or lodging area for rest since it contains several rooms, inner plazas, pathways and aqueducts.

Last but not least, we are on to the archeological site of Tambomachay. Tambomachay might have served the important function of linking to a water source and regenerating the land. It was probably closely linked with Pucapucara.

After all the fun. We will return you back to the hotel around 6:30pm. Enjoy some drinks or Peruvian coffee and dinner at the many great places to dine!


  • Cusco Tour Bus
  • Hotel
  • Professional guide in English or Spanish

Not Included:

  • Boleto Turistico del Cusco or Cusco Tourist Ticket
  • Cathedral – $8 *
  • The Temple of Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun) – $3 *



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