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About Inca Culture

The Inca Empire, also known as the Incan Empire or the Inka Empire, was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America, and perhaps the largest empire in the world in the early 16th century.

Cusco, a city located in modern-day Peru, was the empire’s center politically, administratively, and militarily. The Incan civilization rose in the 13th century and was conquered in 1572 by the Spanish.

The Incas were a strong, ingenuitive, hospitable, and helpful people. They were a spiritual people who were master farmers and builders. The modern-day Peruvians mirror their ancestors in all their beautiful ways.

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Our Tour Philosophy

We believe in providing 1st class Peru Inca tours and adventures to every single client and steeping them in the ancient and modern culture of the beautiful Peruvian people.

At the end of each tour, we want the customer to feel that they have actively participated in the enjoyment of exploration and taken something away from the experience to add to the happiness of their personal lives.

We want to affordably immerse the traveler in the ancient and modern Peruvian culture in a unique, intimate and fun way that does not sacrifice the quality of an award-winning experience. Those that have a fondness for history, culture, the outdoors, and enjoy being active will love any of the spectacular tours we offer. We invite you to join us on one of our tours! You will never forget this life changing experience!

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